Follow-up Formula Rock-Star Edition by Steve Gordon

Follow-up Formula Rock-Star Edition

Get everything in the Basic and Pro Editions, plus 6 "Look-Over-My-Shoulder" videos, access to a Private Slack Group, & direct feedback.


Great email template Steve! I just used it and got a quick reply from a potential customer who I haven't heard from in a month.

What's Included

From the Basic Edition
The complete 92 page Follow-up Formula™ manual.

Part I – Follow-up Shift
Ch. 1 – Follow-up Fears (and how to obliterate them)
Ch. 2 – Obstacles to Effective Follow-up (the obstacle is the way)
Ch. 3 – Follow-up Reality (why your clients need you to be great at follow-up)

Part II – Execution
Ch. 4 – Follow-up Fuel: The Next Logical Step
Ch. 5 – The Ideal Outcome: How to Set the Right Destination
Ch. 6 – The Subtle Art of Crafting the Question (the secret to getting quick responses)
Ch. 7 – From Questions to Conversations: Building Your Follow-up Roadmap
Ch. 8 – Context: The Secret Weapon for Staying Relevant in Every Message

Part III – Follow-up Roadmaps
The roadmaps give you each step in the follow-up sequence, the timing of each follow-up step, and the general topic/approach and tone to use when writing your follow-up message.

Roadmap 1 – Proposals
Roadmap 2 – New Leads
Roadmap 3 – Networking
Roadmap 4 – Trade Shows
Roadmap 5 – Lead Magnet/Report/Book Requests
Roadmap 6 – After Initial Meeting/Consultation

From the Pro Edition
34 Email/LinkedIn follow-up message templates for:

  • Proposals
  • New Leads
  • Networking
  • Trade Shows
  • Lead Magnet/Report/Book Requests
  • After Initial Meeting/Consultation

PLUS these special features only available in the Rock-Star Edition...

Exclusive access to the private Slack group where you can ask questions and get direct feedback on your follow-up strategy and messages.

6 "Look-Over-My-Shoulder" videos where I walk you through how I create follow-up sequences using real-world examples from customers (I might even choose your example to use).

The opportunity to submit your example/follow-up scenario to be used in a "Look-Over-My-Shoulder" video...I'll design your sequence, and write the emails. (Unfortunately, I won't be able to do this for everyone, but you'll learn ton even if I don't choose your sequence.)

Lifetime updates. You receive all future updates to the manual, the roadmaps, templates and videos.

Steve Gordon


I’m Steve Gordon and I’ve spent the last two decades selling high-ticket professional services. 

I know just how frustrating it is to be “ghosted” by a prospect after you’ve poured blood, sweat, and tears into a proposal, or “free consulting” during the sales process. I wrote this guide to help you easily and elegantly follow-up, create strong business relationships, and close more business.