Follow-up Formula Basic Edition by Steve Gordon

Follow-up Formula Basic Edition

The complete 92-page Follow-up Formula manual, examples, worksheets, practice exercises, plus 6 Done-for-You Follow-up Roadmaps.


Ever get frustrated when you've sent a proposal and then your prospect goes radio silent? 

Have you ever gone to a networking event, made a few great contacts that go nowhere, because you fail to follow-up? 

Have you ever let a new lead slip through the cracks because you're just not confident with your follow-up process?

The Follow-up Formula™ is here to help. This easy to use manual will help you gain the skill of follow-up, and will give you pre-made follow-up plans--Roadmaps--you can use in the most common follow-up situations in business.

What's Included

The complete 92 page Follow-up Formula™ manual.

Part I – Follow-up Shift
Ch. 1 – Follow-up Fears (and how to obliterate them)
Ch. 2 – Obstacles to Effective Follow-up (the obstacle is the way)
Ch. 3 – Follow-up Reality (why your clients need you to be great at follow-up)

Part II – Execution
Ch. 4 – Follow-up Fuel: The Next Logical Step
Ch. 5 – The Ideal Outcome: How to Set the Right Destination
Ch. 6 – The Subtle Art of Crafting the Question (the secret to getting quick responses)
Ch. 7 – From Questions to Conversations: Building Your Follow-up Roadmap
Ch. 8 – Context: The Secret Weapon for Staying Relevant in Every Message

Part III – Follow-up Roadmaps
The roadmaps give you each step in the follow-up sequence, the timing of each follow-up step, and the general topic/approach and tone to use when writing your follow-up message.

Roadmap 1 – Proposals
Roadmap 2 – New Leads
Roadmap 3 – Networking
Roadmap 4 – Trade Shows
Roadmap 5 – Lead Magnet/Report/Book Requests
Roadmap 6 – After Initial Meeting/Consultation


Great email template Steve! I just used it and got a quick reply from a potential customer who I haven't heard from in a month.


The Follow-up Formula Manual
The Follow-up Formula Manual
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Follow-up Roadmaps
Roadmap 1 - Proposals.pdf
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Roadmap 2 - New Lead - Inquiry.pdf
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Roadmap 3 - Networking.pdf
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Roadmap 4 - Tradeshow-Conferences.pdf
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Roadmap 5 - Lead Magnet.pdf
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Roadmap 6 - Initial Consultation.pdf
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The Follow-up Roadmap.pdf
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The Message Builder Sample.pdf
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The Message Builder.pdf
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Bonus Video: How to Handle Proposals and Initial Consults
Proposals and Initial Consults Video
6 mins

Steve Gordon


I’m Steve Gordon and I’ve spent the last two decades selling high-ticket professional services. 

I know just how frustrating it is to be “ghosted” by a prospect after you’ve poured blood, sweat, and tears into a proposal, or “free consulting” during the sales process. I wrote this guide to help you easily and elegantly follow-up, create strong business relationships, and close more business.